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Eric Svensen

Sam Houston State University


I am currently an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at Sam Houston State University. Before arriving at Sam Houston State U, I taught at the University of Texas, Austin, where I  completed my dissertation, Reconceptualizing Divided Government, in the spring of 2014 and Dartmouth College. My interests include Congress, the presidency, separation of powers, political parties, economics and politics, American political development, the American Founding, public policy, and conceptualization and measurement. While my research centers on congressional and executive relations, I am particularly interested in understanding why government often seems incapable of solving many issues facing the country. In short, the inability of government to address the needs of the country highlights a growing pathology in Washington that threatens to fracture the representative relationship between elected officials and the public. Where scholars attribute poor government performance to partisan gridlock, my research focuses on explaining how extra constitutional and exogenous economic forces also shape institutional behavior. While the solution to the current problems facing the country are certainly political, it is my position the parties are incapable of realizing meaningful policy change since they rarely attempt to address these 'other' forces.